Topics of the ShareConf 2017

ShareConf takes place for the ninth time in June 2017 already. The conference dealt with SharePoint primary so far. From the ShareConf 2017 the topics will change slightly. SharePoint itself is developed quite fully and there will be neither technological quantum jumps nor new features with extraordinary importance in the near future. Therefore the focus of the conference will be use of SharePoint in practice - the new slogan of the conference is: the digital workplace.

We searching for talks about following topics:

  1. The digital workplace: How can the digital workplace be realised and the collaboration be optimized via SharePoint?
  2. Collaboration: How can SharePoint support the collaboration of spatiotemporal distributed teams? Which other tools (e.g. Confluence) are used additonally? How is the collaboration of SharePoint with this tools?
  3. Use cases: How is SharePoint used in your company? Which cahnges have been made, which efforts have been invested and which experiences haven been made in the process?
  4. Processes: Which processes are supported by SharePoint? How are elementary processes (e.g. "Search") included in this process? Which experiences about the effort regarding to the implementation of processes with SharePoint (especially if there is a need of adjustment) exist?

Speakers who want to submit talks exceeding this topics can contact us at

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